TABULA RASA (ta·​bu·​la ra·​sa): an absence of preconceived ideas or predetermined goals. A clean slate. The human mind, especially at birth, in its blank or empty state before exposure to outside impressions or social constructs.

RASA SUNGLASSES is a United States based, Black-owned webstore established in 2020 by a young team of entrepreneurs from New Jersey, USA. Our main tenets are minimalism, individuality, and representation, essentially serving as the three pillars that support the establishment of RASA and the methodology of how we present our identity to the world of fashion.

We believe in the value of the individual rather than the label. You don't need overly-priced, exclusive branding to express yourself and give credibility to your style. That comes from within, a.k.a. "the clean slate" that describes each of us.

Just as RASA believes in the importance of representing your truest self, so too do we believe in representing your culture. As a young brand that embraces designs that appeal to an audience of all backgrounds and ethnicities, we often find many groups under-represented in a fashion world created by them. As such, we strive to promote inclusivity in our models as well as portrayals on all media platforms in our use.

When you shop with us, you can take confidence in that you're shopping with a Black-owned business with a high level of attention to detail, commitment to quality customer service, and a philosophy that seeks to make the world truly a better place.

No preconceptions. No outside pressure. Only you. Your slate is clean.


Return Address:

216 S Alma School Rd. Suite 13
Mesa, AZ 85210
United States Of America
Note: This is NOT a visiting address!

Questions or concerns? Please email us at: support@rasasunglasses.com