JUNE 28, 2022

The Story Behind The Ace

To this day, there are many reasons why the aviator remains one of the most popular sunglasses styles in the world. An entire generation was inspired by the movie stars, television characters, and famous people associated with the aviator look. Wearing a pair of aviators adds an immediate factor of "cool".

Our goal at RASA SUNGLASSES isn't just to make stylish sunglasses: it's also to make functional, comfortable, affordable sunglasses. A stepping stone worth the step, planted firmly between the cheap shades at the grocery store and the typical, overpriced name brand shades.

We believe you shouldn't sacrifice quality while saving money, so we made a pair of aviators designed to stand the test of time.


They're 20% lighter than glass or polycarbonate lenses, making them much more comfortable for long periods of wear.

Nylon lenses are very flexible. Even if you bend them for a long time, they will return to their original shape. They're sit-proof. Do you often slip your sunglasses into a back pocket and eventually forget, and sit on them? Other lens materials may break, while nylon can handle it well.


We chose stainless steel (with nickel silver) for it's durability, light weight, and sleekness. Combine with nylon lenses, and you get a pair of sunglasses that can actually stand up to the wear and tear of daily life without needing to replace them constantly.

The temple tips on THE ACE are Italian Mazzucchelli acetate, which is created from a weeks-long process that derives from cellulose acetate from cotton. It's made from plants and is an environmentally-friendly alternative to the usual plastic which is derived from petroleum.

After functionality, we addressed comfort. We prioritize high end processes that create smooth, skin-friendly surfaces that won't discolor or deform. Acetate is flexible, comfortable, lightweight, and hypoallergenic: it provides such a smooth wearing experience that you forget you're wearing them. Say goodbye to headaches from wearing your sunglasses all day.


An ACE is someone who excels at something. Aviator sunglasses will always be associated with movie stars, television characters, and famous people - we see them in those sunglasses and also see them as capable, confident, and stylish people. You should also associate these characteristics with yourself.

When you put these on, enjoy the confidence that you are also a capable, confident, and stylish person who is ready to take on life.

"Don't worry, I got this."

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